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Masters of the Universe Bios

Masters of the Universe

Cringer is Adam's pet talking Tiger. He is a coward when it comes to anything. Cringer is the secret Identity of Battle-Cat, He-Man's pet Tiger.

Battle Cat is Cringer's Alto Ego. He is a complete opposite of Cringer, which makes them perfect identities to have, no one will suspect them of being each other.

King Randor is the ruler of all of Eternia, or at least everything on the surface. He brought together the masters of the universe and they live in the capital city, each master from a different ethnic/racial group from around Eternia. He is also Prince Adam's father.

Queen Marlena is the mother of Prince Adam. She is a strong, yet quiet woman. She is usually in the background encouraging Adam to succeed and making sure her husband isn't too hard on their son. In the original series she did not play a big part.

Man-at-Arms is the captain of the palace guard. He is also the father of Teela, his adopted daughter. Only Man-at-Arms and a few others know that Prince Adam is really He-Man.

Ram-Man has a steel plate on the top of his head. As you can already guess, he rams into things with that plate on his head, hence his name, Ram-Man. He is one of the first Masters to appear.

The Sorceress is the one who gave He-Man his powers. She is not the first sorceress, nor will she be the last, her daughter will take her place. She is the true mother of Teela, but gave her to Man-at-Arms to raise her as a normal child. The Sorceress is a very lonely woman, due to the fact that she is not usually allowed to leave Castle Greyskull. She has no power outside the castle.

Stratos is the ruler of the Kingdom of Avion(?). He is also one of the first Masters to appear in the old series. He can fly with the help of his jet-pack thing and the foldable wings on his arms.

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