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Danger Mouse & Friends

Danger Mouse is the Greatest Secret Agent in the world. He lives in a red piller box (Letter drop) in London Town. With his sidekick Penfold, DM saves the world from Terror and destruction. Some of his most famous enemies are Baron Greenback and Count Duckula.

Penfold is the world's most cowardly hamster. He is Danger Mouse's sidekick on all of his missions to save the world. Penfold is the comic relief. His jokes are very corny, but effective.

Colonel K is Dm's and Penfold's boss. he is the one that gives Dm his missions from the videophone on the wall of DM's Flat. Colonel K is raely seen out of his office, but every once in a while he'll make an appearence out side of the four walls that contain his war paraphernalia.

Danger Mouse Hall
Main Hall