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Danger Mouse & Friends

Danger Mouse-Enemies Room @ Land of Mystacor

Baron Greenback is Danger Mouse's number 1 enemy. he is always making plans to rule the world with his pet Catapillar, Nero. Greenback can usually be found in his frog's head flier doing something evil. He has a crow henchman named Stiletto.

Count Duckula is a vampire duck. DM first meets him when he is forced to get two of Duckula's feathers for a spell to save Penfold from Greenback. Duckula wants to be a famous actor, but he is soo terrible that nobody wants to even listen to him!

Stiletto is Greenback's Crow Henchman. He wears a dirty green overcoat and is from Spain. He is always with Greenback and can always be seen piloting the frog's head flier. Stiletto is my favorite of the enemy characters.

Danger Mouse Hall
Main Hall